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Act No 90/2012 Coll. on business corporations stipulates the obligation for the companies to without undue delay after their incorporation and on an ongoing basis create webpage and publish the information which they are obliged to disclose on its business documents (hence the business name, address, details of registration in a public register and identification number) and documents as required by law on it, e.g. invitation to the general meeting or information about the affiliation with a holding company, report on financial assistance, or in the case of cooperatives invitation to the membership meeting.

How does the portal operate?

By creating profile on the portal you will meet the obligations under the Act No. 90/2012 Coll. on Corporations. All the information is automatically updated according to the data contained in the commercial register and the ARES system of the Ministry of Finance.

After registration, your company profile will have a unique electronic address on which all the documents and information will be clearly listed, as required by the Act on Corporations. You therefore don’t have to invest time or money into creating your own website or modify your existing one each time new document or information will have to be added. In addition, the portal all your documents will be listed together, including their historical overview.

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How to register a new company?

After completing your Business ID, automatically fills in information based on the current data published in the Commercial Register and you can add other optional information. Subsequently, a web site of your company (a Company Profile) is created and an invoice and access code is sent to your e-mail address. This Company Profile is operational for ten days and in the event of non-payment of the invoice, it will be automatically removed from the site

How to upload new documents?

Documents which you wish to disclose can be easily uploaded in the .pdf format through interface on and they appear immediately on the profile of your company. The documents appear in the chronological order and they are easily accessible to your clients, shareholders and other stakeholders.

Don’t invest needlessly into creation of your own website or modification of the existing one! All information about your company will be automatically updated and documents are uploaded easily without any assistance of professional IT staff.

Which information and documents are required to be available online?

  1. The information, which the company is obliged to disclose on its business documents, hence the business name, address, details of registration in a public register and identification number;
  2. Invitation to the General Meeting of the company (at least 30 days prior the General Meeting);
  3. Financial statements (at least 30 days prior to the date of the General Meeting, stating the time and place where the financial statements are available for inspection);
  4. Report on the Company's business and its assets;
  5. Annual Report;
  6. Call for shares and notice of consequences associated with the delay under the Act on Certain Measures to Increase Transparency of Public Limited Companies (at least 3 months prior to June 30, 2014);
  7. Report on financial assistance under Section 312 of the Act on Corporations;
  8. Explanation for shareholders under Section 358 of the Act on Corporations;
  9. The text of the shareholder counterclaim under Section 362 of the Act on Corporations and the response of the Board of Directors;
  10. Declaration regarding being part of the Group of Companies (Concern) under Section 79 of the Act on Corporations;
  11. Information and documents in connection with the transformation of the company in accordance with the Act on Transformations.

What other services does offer?

Portal offers companies services regarding the disclosure duty in accordance with the Act on Corporations and at the same time we offer you uploading the relevant documents into the Collection of Deeds of the Commercial Register (Sbírka listin obchodního rejstříku). The Standard Version of our services is CZK 1,500 per year (VAT will not be charged). If you would like us to also send the required documents to the Collection of Deeds, the fee is CZK 2,500 per year.

Documents which must be submitted to the Collection of Deeds:

  1. Annual Reports, ordinary, extraordinary and consolidated financial statements (if they are not included in the Annual Report);
  2. Proposal for the distribution of proceeds or settlement of losses and its final form, if these are not included in the financial statement or auditor’s report on the financial statement;
  3. Report on the relations between the controlling entity and controlled entity and among the other controlled entities and the expert report on its review;
  4. Current version of the Articles of Association (must be submitted in case of any change);
  5. Controlling agreement and the Agreement on the distribution of proceeds;
  6. Other documents set out in the Section 38i of the Commercial Code / as of 1 January 2014 set out in section 66 of the Act on the Public Registers of the Persons.